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The Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961 which created the J-1 visa, enables the Government of the United States to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries by means of educational and cultural exchange.

The J-1 Visa provides opportunities for foreign candidates looking to travel and gain experience in the United States. The multifaceted programs enable professionals to go receive on the job training for periods ranging upto 12 months. US Employers do not sponsor J-1 visa participants.

The applicant is sponsored by accredited organizations that have been authorized by the US Department of State to sponsor a number of exchange visitor programs annually. We work diligently to hand select the most dedicated candidates & help them secure the most compatible host organization in the United States.


It all started with a journey from the beautiful northern coast of California out of Napa Valley when Udit embarked on a global journey to find the absolute best candidates for the J-1 program to bring to the stunning resorts under his leadership.

He would come to realize that the Focus, Perseverance , Dedication & Excellence he applied to his career which set him apart and allowed him the success in the Hospitality Industry is what was missing in the run-off-the-mill recruiters that focused on monetizing participants throughout the process.

Global Career Exchange Partners was born out the philosophy and commitment to Excellence in supporting the stakeholders in the J-1 process.


Global Career Exchange Partners is undoubtedly the most hands-on & personalized provider of elite J-1 hospitality programs in the United States. Together with its partner schools, host organizations & exclusive sponsor partners, we work with United States’ most prestigious luxury hotels and resorts.

We are committed to provide J-1 programs to a dedicated group of international young professionals. We guide you through every detail of the process to ensure we have alignment with the candidates, host organizations & Department of State authorized visa sponsors to ensure successful training programs.